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"Keep your home or investment property safe and clean from methamphetamine contamination.​"

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Methamphetamine Contamination 

Methamphetamine contamination in homes and property’s is a serious and growing problem in New Zealand. Rental and holiday homes, caravans and even cars are increasingly being used as meth labs and due to the portable nature of these labs the number of contaminated properties is on the rise. There are literally tens of thousands of properties contaminated by meth in New Zealand and Police figures (2009) show  that 75% of meth labs found by Police are in rental properties.

A regular meth smoker can leave every surface in a home with methamphetamine residue which requires a costly and time consuming remediation process. Properties that have been used as clandestine laboratories often require extensive rebuilding and sometimes complete demolition.

No one wants to buy a house, home or other property that is contaminated by meth and testing before purchase is becoming standard practice for informed buyers

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Bench-marking Standards

Standards New Zealand has recently released NZS 8510:2017 Testing and decontamination of methamphetamine-contaminated properties, which will provide industry guidance on good practice methods in the testing and clean-up of methamphetamine contamination in houses.

The standard addresses properties used as make-shift laboratories for the illicit manufacture of methamphetamine, as well as properties contaminated by the use of methamphetamine.

It will provide a benchmark to those in the industry, who are working to make the affected homes in New Zealand safe to occupy. Application of the standard will provide assurance that activities such as screening, sampling, testing, assessing, and decontamination of contaminated properties, and disposal of their contents, are carried out in accordance with good practice.The standard will be used by methamphetamine testing and clean-up/decontamination companies; laboratories that analyse samples taken from methamphetamine-contaminated properties; health, safety, and environmental regulators; property owners, managers, and insurers.

Your Obligations 

Landlords have a legal obligation to comply with The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and even parts of the Health and Safety Act1992. Negotiating their responsibilities is often a complex process. Inspections and meth testing programs show that you take those responsibilities seriously and help protect your investment from avoidable damage.

Law changes were made during 2016 which increased landlord obligations when managing residential tenancies.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. This Act, among other things, made the following changes:

It made residential properties ‘workplaces’ in relation to the new Health and Safety Act (‘H&S Act’)

  • Under the H&S Act , landlords now must ensure that tenanted premises are safe workplace for all persons, including the landlord, any agent of the landlord, any contractor, the tenant and any guest or invitee of the tenant.
  • It mandated that landlords were captured by the H&S Act as a person in charge of a business or undertaking (‘P.C.B.U’), being persons who have obligations under the H&S Act even if they appoint another person as their agent.
  • It mandated that any P.C.B.U who  did not comply with provision of the H&S Act could be subject to substantial fines for non-compliance.
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About AP Services

Buying or owning a house that is contaminated by meth causes personal and financial stress that can be avoided. You need to have confidence that your home or investment property is free from meth and an affordable testing program will help keep it that way. AP Services provide a full methamphetamine contamination testing service with written reports and backup service for guidance and advice.

Trained and certified by Ann Louise Weaver from Inscience and with a professional background in laboratory work and chemical application you are assured of reliable results at a reasonable rate. Quick and easy screening tests can cost as little as $200. Talk to me about a meth testing program for your property and ensure your home or investment property is safe and clean from methamphetamine contamination with a “Meth Clean History”

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